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Need to know better how to work with NZQA? From setting up and attaining NZQA Registration as a Private Training Establishment, writing QMS documentation, developing and submitting Course and Programme Approvals through to dealing with formal complaints we have a wide array of experience with NZQA. What can we help you with? 

EER Preparation

Need to know better how to get a successful EER outcome? Jim has significant experience in not only preparing a PTE for their NZQA EER, but also in guiding you through the process with NZQA. Let us help you through the process for a Category One outcome. 

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"In 2017 Jim came into our organization to help plan for our upcoming EER with NZQA by undertaking a pre-EER audit, as Jim is very detail oriented and has a lot of knowledge when it comes to NZQA requirements.  Throughout the process Jim asked a lot of questions  of key staff around each KEQ, while at the same time requesting the evidence to back up the answers given for each KEQ.

Once Jim had all the information he required, he then took time to collate the information. Jim created a plan outlining our strengths and weaknesses, including an action plan for us to complete against our weaknesses.

Once this plan was completed Jim came back and carried out a review ensuring the information given met the criteria for the EER.  Jim was very thorough in is work, he was timely with his report, and very supportive in every step to ensure we achieved the desired outcome.  Through Jim’s efforts we gained a Category One outcome which was the best outcome we could have hoped for. I highly recommend his service"