I got signed up to KiwiSaver through my work. I'm all set aren't I? 

Not necessarily. More often than not when you are enrolled in KiwiSaver through a workplace you are assigned to a default provider and placed in a default fund. It is simply an administrative task that your workplace is required to complete. The idea of this is it is a 'parking space' to put you in until you arrange to have proper advice (your workplace administrator is not qualified to do this) and make better informed decisions for yourself on what is best for you.

Does it matter that I've recently used or are about to use my KiwiSaver to buy a house?

That's awesome as it is one of the two reasons KiwiSaver was set up for. And no, it doesn't matter at all. In fact it is even more important that you understand what you should now do with your KiwiSaver for your retirement goals.

Does it matter that I'm currently on a KiwiSaver holiday?

Not at all. While you are on a contributions holiday (i.e. not currently contributing) your KiwiSaver is still active and working away in the background and the information you will gain from my free tutorial is still completely relevant to you now and once you start resuming your contributions.

I don't even know who my KiwiSaver is with. Does that matter?

No. While it can be useful to have information about your current provider and fund type it is not essential.

What do I need to do the tutorial remotely?

If we can't meet face to face (in Christchurch) we can run the tutorial with you over Zoom or Google Meet so you will need to have either a Zoom or Google account. Both of these are free to set up. It is best to do the tutorial on a device other than your phone (Laptop, iPad or PC) ​although if this is your only option we can still complete the tutorial.

How do I book my free tutorial?

You can either click on the 'KiwiSaver Tutorial' page in the menu and fill in and submit the contact form, or phone or message us directly on 021 081 88808 and I will reply directly.

What does the tutorial cost?

Absolutely nothing. The tutorial is 100% free. There are no fees, no commitments and no obligations.