Get Your KiwiSaver Growing!

Always felt like you should know more about your KiwiSaver? Wondering why some peoples KiwiSaver is growing more than yours? My tutorial is designed specifically for someone like you! And the best part? It's 100% free! No cost and no obligation.

After my 30 minute KiwiSaver tutorial you will know how KiwiSaver works, you will understand the key decisions YOU need to make for YOUR KiwiSaver, and you will have the tools to monitor and ensure it keeps working for YOU.

After all, it's YOUR money!

My FREE TUTORIAL is available in person in the Canterbury region or via video call (Zoom or Google Meet) nationwide...

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"Jim helped set me up a couple of years ago now and my KiwiSaver has grown significantly. I encourage you all to do it."

- RF (Christchurch)

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"Jim came out, went over everything, transferred my existing KiwiSaver and things have grown. Must say, outstanding job, very informative, and helpful" - JT Christchurch

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